Case Types

      In the area of civil law, I work on many types of cases, including drafting legal documents and litigating cases in court. Document drafting includes contracts, real property transactions, and business formation, such as by-laws, articles of incorporation and other certificates of formation.      I am also an experienced trial lawyer. I have successfully litigated cases involving contracts, restrictive covenants, homeowners association disputes, personal injury, employment discrimination, real property transactions, partitions, easements, promisstory notes, vendors liens, security interests, mechanics liens, judicial foreclosures and injunctions.
     For each civil claim or cause of action, there are statutes of limitation. These are the dates by which the lawsuit must be filed or else the claim is forever barred. For this reason, it is important to consult with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible regarding a possible claim. I am experienced in all aspects of civil litigation, including jury trials and appeals.